Are You Living in the Land of “The Almost”?

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Are you living in the land of The Almost?

You know, that place you dwell that feels almost right – but not quite.

Now of course our heart cannot sing at all times, but usually when a note has not struck for awhile it may indicate you are not living in alignment with your true joy. Perhaps it is a slippery slope when folks set out to design their lives. Many build their worlds to win the approval and respect of friends and colleagues. They make choices to feel important and worthy over joyful and passionate. When too many compromises are made in the name of winning outward approval, you may just step right into… The Almost – and boy can it get sticky there!

The Almost is so seductive. It lures us with adoring fans when we make a choice that is just ever so slightly more in alignment with someone’s (and society’s) values over our own. We dismiss that slither of uneasiness we feel convincing ourselves we are merely “compromising”, not quite realizing the impact of our choice. The Almost feels so much like the real thing it is easy to mistake it for a direct hit. We hold our arrow steady, take position and release the bow landing just one ring off center – “pretty good”, we think. We find ourselves soon rambling the positives of our almost hit, as we cover our passions deeming such pursuits penniless. How unfortunate.

Being a proponent of positive thinking I know well the value of focusing on the bright side of things. However, if we are talking creative power here, how we feel is a far greater force in regard to our ability to manifest our dreams, then mere thought. So I am inclined to rally self-awareness before all else.  It appears to me that living in The Almost may just be the common trap that drives many to seek outside support. The illusion of happiness it projects is so convincing that pinpointing the real problem takes multiple experts or alternatively the resigned distractions we so entertain. But it does not have to be that way.

Hitting the bulls eye when you release your arrow is not about accomplishments, awards, dollars-earned or beauty obtained, it is simply knowing you are leading a life that is a true reflection of who you are and what you value. There is no ideal life blueprint, although society would have you believe so – just your own. And hitting that mark on the first go round a joyful challenge. So by all means, miss the mark – several times, as many times as you need to – just don’t convince yourself you hit it should you happen to get weary trying. Your core, your truth, your voice is worth every bow you send. Nothing feels quite as profoundly satisfying as hitting it, and nothing feels quite as empty as convincing yourself you did. Aim again.