When we commit to an organization and the desire to make an impact daily, it means our ❤️ and minds are into our jobs.

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The mind is a powerful TOOL.

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Used properly, we innovate, find solutions and create progressive advancements in the quality of life on earth.

The ❤️ has the strongest MAGNETISM in the human body.

Learn more: ➟➠➡︎ https://qoo.ly/zafi3

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Don’t have a bad vibe.

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“Frequency Matters,” is about harnessing that same congruent energy (personal alignment) and working collaboratively with high performing professionals to innovate, create and solve problems with greater ease.

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Frequency is …

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⟿ Your energy.
⟿ Mojo.
⟿ Vibe.
⟿ Presence.
⟿ Wellbeing.
⟿ Instincts.
⟿ Feelings.

Frequency is our own source of energy and power.


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❝When you combine offering worthwhile projects, the ability to make an impact, personal autonomy and a dependable work environment, you can make any team happy.❞

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➝➞➟➠ Pete Boyd, General Guru, Paperstreet Web Design

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New Productivity Tool Coming in 2018…

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Paper planner fans, something from KMack was created especially for you!  And it is coming in 2018!

Do you toggle between your Outlook and a notebook?…

Are you a big fan of colorful, fun and decorated planners?…

Are you all about the list?…

Is the dot journal a newly discovered passion?…

Do you love to journal, draw, doodle and design?

I know the feeling!….. So I designed a NEW TOOL for you, coming in 2018!

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New Book!

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Frequency Matters is a conversation about employee engagement as a social science, focusing on what drives the behavior of both resonate (harmonious) and dissonant (inharmonious) frequencies and the statistically implied outcomes of such clusters…” – Frequency Matters, Be a Contributor, Not an Employee

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New Book Frequency Matters scores 4.8 on Amazon!

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We are excited about the impact Frequency Matters is having on leaders and teams across the country! The feedback has been fantastic and we are grateful and excited that our important message is making a positive impact! – KMack

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University of Delaware – Frequency Matters!

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Thank you University of Delaware, Fashion and Design students for this awesome surprise today and for the opportunity to speak about Frequency Matters! Was an absolute pleasure.

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