What People are saying about Frequency Matters (®)….

Posted on Oct 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

Frequency Matters is an incredibly useful and accessible tool for employees at any stage of their career. Kristin and Shawn, with the help of various talented and knowledgeable leaders, gives readers a clear directive of how to contribute to and engage with their teams more meaningfully, so that together, they can have lasting impact on their company. This is a book that I will certainly refer back to for years to come! – Morgan Dever, Vice President, Private Client Manager

Insightful book by Kristin and Shawn; relevant to anyone interested in expert recipes for doing “work” that feels great and matters. From experience, I know this book embodies truth. – Michele Szymborski, Entrepreneur

For once, there is a book that inspires and encourages engagement for all levels. The personal stories and drawings are absolutely wonderful and surprising as the authors focused on individual growth and resiliency – while showcasing very “real” professional and personal paths to happiness and success! – JP

This book is about finding your unique frequency and harnessing the energy within yourself (and others) to affect change. It is full of short, fun vignettes that feature diverse characters from various successful corners of the business world — complete with their advice and cartoon likenesses. My favorite voice, though, belongs to author Kristin Mackey, a natural storyteller who embodies the authenticity she writes about. Bravo! – Jamie Boyd