How can I hire Kristin?

Call 800.632.1752 / 954.591.4014 OR

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What size group do I usually work with?
I have spoken to groups from 8 to 1,000 and customize the program to meet individual needs including live call-in talks and video interviews.

What is the speakers fee?
There is a flat day fee for workshops, keynotes and professional presentations.

How much do materials cost?
Workbooks and books can be purchased at a discount. Ask for details.
Talks can be booked with or without materials.

What materials are available to give to stakeholders when deciding for an upcoming event?

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What is KMack TV?
KMack TV is a UTube Channel/VBlog on topics related to my workbooks and books. The Utube Channel is new and informal.  Please subscribe if you like them! 🙂

What makes me different then other speakers?
I never do the same talk twice because I never have the same audience twice.  I believe in being completely present to best serve the audience and aim to exceed expectations.  I have spoken on behalf of the some of the world’s largest and most respected performance improvement companies successfully and consistently with high Net Promoter scores…but most importantly, I have been there – as a leader, an employee and a hired consultant – I speak from personal experience.

There are two critical objectives every meeting planner aims for when hiring a professional speaker to host a program – a guarantee the speaker will earn a standing ovation and that the impact of the talk far outreaches the day the audience heard it.  I promise I will deliver on those two marks.

“Kristin is a world-class speaker”
– President of hotel in Miami

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