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My story…

I have always secretly loved what made people different.  Those unique quirks, styles and personalities that spontaneously show up when a person is comfortable enough to show their true nature.  It is really quite beautiful.  I have always found it to be a honor to share such space with a person who trusted me enough to be real – flaws and all.

Over many years, I have observed that being authentic actually scares many people, especially in the professional setting.  Many self-protective personas are created to “get along” but in reality, by doing so the real power of a person that is found in personal congruency becomes diluted.  When that happens you get an employee, not an empowered, excited and engaged CONTRIBUTOR! Simply because it is exhausting to keep up a persona that is out of alignment with your true nature: your species. 🙂

When personal congruency is integrated daily with mindfulness and practice, a sort of resonance shows up.  A healthy resonance from a person will positively impact everyone around them.  Studies show the brain waves of the people around you do influence your brain waves. It is our frequency.  And our frequency matters.

It is most productive to be an aligned version of ourselves (over a crystalized and fragile persona that can fracture easily with diversity) and not only deliver powerful results consistently, but make a positive impact in the world.

Contributors that CARE, move mountains.  Who is on your payroll?

I help my clients do three important things:

  1. Align with the greatest (and most aligned version) of themselves for powerful resonance (“it is my job to feel good and only my job”)
  2. Practice powerful interfacing with other congruent and empowered professionals (upgrade communication via heart-centered awareness first, then brain integration)
  3. Evolve organizational structures to reflect, harness and support this individually empowered world (measure, build and train an organization toward dynamic performance via a team of empowered experts)


Frequency Matters (TM) Books…

TEAMS and ORGANIZATIONS:  Frequency Matters (TM): Be a Contributor, Not an Employee!  with co-author Shawn Herbig (President and Founder of IQS Research) is about the power of personal alignment when collaboratively with high performing professionals to innovate, create and solve problems with greater ease:



YOUYou Can, You Will, You Did! is about self empowerment and creating a life you love:



Speaking Biography:

“In addition to being the most talented public speaker I have ever had the privilege of working with, Kristin has a phenomenal ability to inspire and get her teams engaged. Kristin can energize a group and gets everyone pointed in the right direction, while keeping the message focused yet enjoyable. She is a pleasure to watch work!” – Josh Carr, Director of Finance at Hardrock Hotel San Diego

“Kristin Mackey is a dynamic and motivational consultant and speaker. She has worked with many of our clients in various industries and her innate ability to engage people and connect with the audience has made her one of the most acclaimed consultants” – Adriana Coury, Director, FranklinCovey

Kristin is a highly sought after motivational speaker and author of two books, You Can, You Will, You Did, Micro Changes for Macro Transformation (personal empowerment) and Frequency Matters (employee engagement).

She is known for her high energy and engaging style of delivery with easy-to-implement techniques. Kristin was recognized by Training magazine as “One to Watch” and has appeared on The Balancing Act/Lifetime TV, EmpoweredKidsTV and in The Washington Times/Communities as well as others.  As a consultant for FranklinCovey for over 10 years, she facilitated several key programs including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in which she is currently a Headline Speaker for FranklinCovey Speakers Bureau.

Kristin has helped many companies achieve organizational transformations that increase the effectiveness, engagement, and performance of each individual. Prior to her current work, Kristin was a director for a large health-care system.  As part of her goal to build a culture of service, she delivered two key milestones in the enterprise’s five-year strategic plan and increased key performance metrics. In addition, she created the enterprise-wide branding campaign concept and aligned 8,000 employees, 2 hospitals and 12 primary-care sites toward key business process goals.

As the Director of Performance Improvement for an high-profile resort in South Beach, Kristin implemented a 2-year leadership and team member development program resulting in historical records in revenues and a significant increase in employee engagement metrics. She was honored with a Leadership Award for her contributions. She also earned a 100% perfect score acknowledgment from Florida’s non-profit training network, achieving a 90% threshold for standard of excellence.

As a keynote speaker, she speaks to groups ranging from hundreds to several thousands and works with companies such as Lockheed Martin, Mercury Media, Laura Mercier, The Department of Homeland Security, Hardrock Casino and Resort, Trump National Doral,Tyco, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the City of Miami Beach including several universities.

Early in her career, she was distinguished as first among 250 speakers worldwide for excellence in teaching conflict management during her tenure with Fred Pryor Seminars. She coauthored the e-book I AM Worthy of Greatness, a custom-created ebook for SOS Children’s Villages to encourage transitioning youth out of foster care to follow their dreams. Some of her published articles include “True Inspiration,” “Personal Transformation in Three Easy Steps,” and “Embrace Your Wingspan.”   Kristin’s career began when she helped execute an important broadcasting conference during FCC changes with Peter Drucker, management guru, to prepare radio GMs for industry changes.

She lives in Florida with her husband Paul and enjoys running, cartoon illustration, meditation and travel.  She adores her family including 8 beloved nieces and friends worldwide.


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