The Frequency Matters (R) Leadership Program is unlike most leadership development programs on the market today. The feedback from our executive suite and mid-level leaders has been overwhelmingly positive. Kristin has a way of weaving in the feedback provided before the session into her presentation, which allows everyone to think about their strengths and weaknesses in a meaningful way, which then allows real and positive change to take root. She has conducted several strategic planning retreats for several teams within the organization with some very tangible outcomes.

Sandra Bernard Bastien, Chief Communications Officer, Children’s Services Council

The impact of The Frequency Matters Leadership Program is having on our culture in just incredible. I have never seen anything like it

Beverly Sanders -Mayweather, Director, Human Services Department

Kristin is an outstanding speaker who’s energy is contagious. She makes you realize that you need to make the most of each and every day, be happy, be bold, choose the path you live each day and make it great!

Mimi Rosa, President and Founder of One Little Step, Inc.

Kristin Mackey is an outstanding presenter who speaks from the heart and has the ability to connect with her audience quickly. She targets what her audience needs in the moment to motivate and align them.  I had the privilege of working with Kristin several years ago and I have personally seen her transform teams and individuals with her methods and dynamic personality. She is an active listener who leaves every audience feeling energized and optimistic.  Kristin recently spoke to my University of Delaware students in Fashion and Apparel and guided them on how to Be a Contributor, Not an Employee after graduation.She was a bright ray of light on their road to graduation. Each student applauded her efforts and asked for a return date. Many thanks Kristin!

Karen Ciotti, University of Delaware, Fashion and Apparel

I was blown away by her effectiveness in the employee engagement program I attended, she is a super star!

Scott Baker, Men’s Head Soccer Coach, Rowan University

Kristin Mackey is immensely engaging, delivering a dynamic and empowering message to those fortunate enough to hear her speak. She is approachable, with a refreshing view of relationships, purpose, and productivity. She is highly talented in bringing out the best in an organization by bringing out the best in that organization’s individuals. Kristin creates cooperation and enthusiasm while building trust within groups. She is a gem and an asset.

Maggie Macaulay, MS Ed., President of Whole Hearted Parenting, Executive Director of The Peaceful Project

In addition to being the most talented public speaker I have ever had the privilege of working with, Kristin has a phenomenal ability to inspire and get her teams engaged. Kristin can energize a group and gets everyone pointed in the right direction, while keeping the message focused yet enjoyable. She is a pleasure to watch work!

Josh Carr, Director of Finance at Hardrock Hotel San Diego

She is a tremendous speaker and absolutely keeps your attention. Best speaker I have ever heard at a seminar.

CN, Alabama

This was by far the best seminar I ever attended. Kristin was very direct and insightful and had practical useful ways for me to improve my management skills. She was very interesting and fun and used real life stories to help expand on her tips. She also made excellent use of the time allotted for this seminar.

JS, Massachusetts

Kristin Mackey is the type of person you just don’t come across too often. What is striking about Kristin is her willingness, even eagerness, to share what she has learned so that she can motivate those she believes in. What’s more remarkable is that Kristin has never met anyone from whom she could not find a good quality. Nothing comes out of Kristin’s mouth unless it is honest, motivating, inspiring and has a purpose. Because of this code of ethics and compassion, Kristin helped me find my purpose in life. She developed my leadership skills and polished my overall professional presentation. I went from being an assistant to working as the Program Director with a company that positively influences the lives of others. She helped me to recognize my full potential and move beyond my own personal road blocks. I encourage anyone who is presented with the opportunity to work with her, to jump on board and ride the wave because she will undoubtedly take you on a journey to reach your full potential.

Stephanie Borton, Program Director Art-Reach, Philadelphia, PA

Best seminar I ever attended.

RC, Georgia

Kristin can draw everyone’s attention with her excellent public speaking skills. There is also a soft side of Kristin that I have known for years. She is a great listener and whenever I had a problem and needed advice, she would always find time to squeeze me in her busy schedule. Kristin is not only good at analyzing situations, but providing good strategies to finding solutions to problems.

Phoebe Chan, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

Kristin is phenomenal…great energy and presentation.

AE, Milpitas, CA

Kristin is an outstanding speaker who’s energy is contagious. She makes you realize that you need to make the most of each and every day, be happy, be bold, choose the path you live each day and make it great!

Mimi Rosa, President and Founder of One Little Step, Inc.

Kristin is a conscious, visionary leader. She uniquely conveys the knowledge, tools and inspiration needed to achieve personal and professional success. Though outcomes-focused, Kristin understands the fundamental structures and processes needed for achieving outstanding results.

Michele Szymborski, CPHQ, Corporate Director of Quality, The Nemours Foundation

Kristin did an excellent job – she has superior presentation skills.


The chance to refocus on what’s important in my life.  The presenter made it very real, as if it had been tailored for me.


Kristin delivered the information in an easy and concise manner.  She made the material “digestible” especially for people (me) that are resistant to changing their ways.  I believe that the “tips” and anecdotal examples she gave to make the presentation her own will be the difference for my success.  Thank you!


Presenter was personable, wisely responded to all comments by the crowd, was not caught off guard, energetic.


Kristin was dynamic in her presentation.  She focused 100% of her time and attention to the entire class answering questions and responding to every individual attendee.  I wish I could attend again tomorrow!


Rich conceptualization.  Easy method.  Direct, informative.


Kristin Mackey’s energy, knowledge and passion are evident in her presentations. Her ability to motivate action, generate healthy debate, and promote conscious and compassionate leadership is a delight to behold. I participated in and witnessed Kristin’s ability to create positive corporate cultural change numerous times. She targets the weakest areas in a management structure and then creates an atmosphere conductive to addressing serious issues immediately. I think very highly of Kristin and would not hesitate to hire her for a Leadership Retreat or other executive team building programs.

Joshua Zissman CHE, CPHQ, Administrator, Dept. of Urology, Thomas Jefferson University

Kristin was enthusiastic about the subject and very knowledgeable. There were pragmatic examples and suggestions. It is something that can be applied to either side of my life (personal and professional).


This is very dynamic!  Kristin, you are awesome!  The content is valuable and can be utilized by everyone.


Dear Kristin – It was a pleasure to work with you last Wednesday. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar!  Your presentation was on the best that I have had the good fortune to be part of.

Susan Breen

This presentation has been invaluable to me in honing my own presentation skills as a keynote speaker and how to create presentations within a tight time-frame.

Kingsley Grant, MS,MFT – Helping Families Improve

This course was phenomenal and Kristin was awesome in her presentation.  She taught the course with clarity, precision and with heart.  I would recommend this course to all of my colleagues.  I had an awesome, enlightening, personal and professional experience.  I will carry this knowledge into my personal and professional life.


Kristin was extremely spiritual in the sense that you could tell how much she loves what she does and how much she is willing to share with the world.  I left the seminar feeling like a better person and would recommend to all.

Melissa Colabraro, Mercury Media

Dear Kristin – THANK YOU for such an informative seminar yesterday. Jillian and I were discussing in our executive management meeting this morning how valuable the information we received yesterday was and how we would love to implement at SOS! Have a great weekend.

Dania Rivero, SOS Florida

Kristin is a brilliant person who immediately strikes you as someone who you want as your dearest friend. Her knowledge and fluid communication and ability to motivate others thru artistic, endearing coaching techniques make her simply a delight to work with. I would recommend her to anyone or any organization that needs direction and help in getting organized, motivated, and coached. Not only will you enjoy the results, you will relish the entire process that is fostered by this wonderful human being.

David Haskins, Coca Cola

This was a great, comprehensive and worthwhile training that I have experienced in many years! Many thanks!


As a facilitator, coach and speaker, I’ve worked with Kristin on several occasions. She is a highly-skilled consultant with an easy-going manner and a broad knowledge of her field. In addition to being supremely dependable, organized, and detail-oriented, Kristin is a genuinely caring person who is always quick with a kind word and a smile. Hire Kristin and I guarantee you will be glad you did!

Micheal Y. Brenner Ed.D., Founder and Principal Consultant, IdeAgency

Makes you think deeply about who you are and where you are going.  It can make your life more meaningful.


I have known Kristin for a number of years as an artist, contributor to Painting for Charityand within the charity, media world.  I can say without doubt that Kristin is a very special person with a rare combination of skills and gifts.   She is dynamic, truly inspiring and with a brilliant mind while at the same time having genuine compassion and a good heart for helping people.   I value highly her friendship!88

Raymond Van Neste, London

Thank you so much for your invigorating, inspiring and energizing presentation today. You provided so many valuable tips and discussion points. I plan to use many of your suggestions in my both personal and professional relationships.

Robin McDaniel, Job Coach, Goodwill Industries of South Florida

Thank you again for the fantastic seminar at SOS Children’s Village.  The kids really enjoyed it and were very engaged – serious kudos to you for achieving both.  I really dug the material as well and you have great energy.  Keep on making good things happen

Benjamin S. Sorensen, Vice President – Optimum Associates. LLC

Impressions are everything for a communications and consulting firm that understands the power of image.  From the very first meeting 4 years ago, we knew it would be a perfect relationship between Kristin and the Nyman Group family. She is an outstanding coach, facilitator and consultant– always receiving rave reviews from our diverse clientele.  Kristin wows her audiences with a unique combination of talent, experience, energy, and an approachable personality.  She has a “learning can be fun” mentality that makes her audiences want more, even after an engagement has concluded.  I highly recommend Kristin for any organization’s learning & development needs.

Marilyn Nyman, Owner, The Nyman Group

Kristin has executed several corporate staff and management development seminars and retreats for our agency, each with great outcomes, strong reviews and very positive feedback from all participants. We’ll continue to bring Kristin back for new staff mgt development as well as for development of sr. staff retreats in 2010. She is detailed, thorough and thought provoking to all…I would recommend her to anyone with highest regards. She will not disappoint!4

Beth Vendice, President, Advanced Research Marketing

Kristen is an astonishingly talented leader and teacher and is one of the most inspiring and motivating people with whom I’ve ever worked. She guided our team with tact, creativity, humor and respect. I’ve never been in a more successful collaborative situation. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Kristin again.

Lisa Hatcher, Consultant, The Nyman Group

Kristin is an exemplary facilitator and consultant. Her knowledge and experience is deep and she communicates it in a way that makes people want to learn and do better. I feel she truly cares about the success of her clients and has proven to be a good friend.

Michael Sabbag, Vice President of Talent Management,

Kristin Mackey is a dynamic and motivational consultant and speaker. She has works with many of our clients in various industries and her innate ability to engage people and connect with the audience has made her one of the most acclaimed consultants. Kristin has helped many companies achieve organizational transformations through teaching programs that increase the effectiveness, engagement and performance of the individuals. We are very lucky to have Kristin on our team and together with her we continue to “enable greatness in people and organizations everywhere.

Adriana Coury, Managing Director, FranklinCovey

She was absolutely captivating. The best instructor I’ve ever had!

Evelyn McBride, Casino Control Commission, Atlantic City, N.J.

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