How can I hire Kristin?

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What size group do I usually work with?
I have spoken to groups from 8 to 1,000 and customize the program to meet individual needs including live call-in talks and video interviews.

What leadership development programs are available?

We offer an executive/leadership development program based on the 5 key pillars in the book Frequency Matters TM. .

Frequency Matters TM  Leadership Power  is a program that focuses on five key principals that are proven to be effective in very diverse industries, regardless of size, style, or vision. Please inquire about your specific group needs and objectives.

Besides your speaking engagements, do you work with other experts in the industry?

Yes.  I work with a very high-trust collaborative team.

KMack consultants are a group high performing, top quality experts each with a proven track record of success in the fields of executive coaching, performance improvement and team engagement.  Each consultant demonstrates a world class delivery style, has real-world experience as leaders, authors and seasoned executive coaches and most importantly, they are great people!

What is the speakers fee?
There is a flat day fee for workshops, keynotes and professional presentations.

How much do materials cost?
Workbooks and books can be purchased at a discount as part of a program – ask for details.
Talks can be booked with or without materials.

What materials are available to give to stakeholders when deciding for an upcoming event?

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Speaking Engagements:

There are two critical objectives every meeting planner aims for when hiring a professional speaker to kick-off a program – a guarantee the speaker makes an impact and delivers on all key objectives and that the talk far outreaches the day the audience heard it.  We promise to deliver.

Strategic-planning, executive/leadership retreats, team/employee engagement programs:

When it comes to executive retreats, strategic-planning, leadership development and team engagement the most important outcome is whether those that attend the program shift deep and outdated perceptions, practice new skills and obtain the tools to keep them on track.  They are prepared internally to not only succeed in their current landscape but are prepared to RESET a direction seamlessly with ease, energy and elegant execution….because over complicated anything is never a good idea, or is it all that fun.

Life and work should be meaningful and fun.  Isn’t that the whole point?


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