Community Impact – 9 out of 10 satisfied

Posted on May 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

Below is a letter sent from CSC Broward County Training Collaborative in reference to previously conducted training sessions.


The CSC Training Team has a steadfast commitment to making available quality and effective training programs that support the service delivery and administrative functioning of organizations that serve children and families.  Over the years, participants have been asked to complete an online survey to assess long term satisfaction and impact three months after the completion of a training program. We are pleased with the results from programs offered September 2006 – October 2007.

The attached report provides item details for the topics that received participant response.  In summary, this is how participants responded:

Participant satisfaction is extraordinary – Nine out of ten respondents were satisfied (92%), with CSC offerings for FY06-07, compared to 86% last year.

CSC-sponsored training have a positive impact on work and job performance. – 84% of the respondents reported continued use of the knowledge gained and skills learned from the training. 84% also notes a dramatic improvement in job performance.

Because our professional relationship with qualified trainers like you, attendees who have participated in this important exercise make it possible for us to say, your tax dollar is helping to make our vision a reality:  The children of Broward County shall have the opportunity to realize their full potential, their hopes, and their dreams, supported by a nurturing family and community!

Thanks again for helping us make it so!