You Can, You Will, You Did!

“For over twenty years my passion for personal development and creative expression led me to design and deliver workshops that successfully taught over 18,000 people how to take action and improve their lives,” “This book offers the insights and methodologies that delivered the best results.” – Kristin Mackey

You Can, You Will, You Did! is a self-improvement book that helps readers move through life changes by managing their particles. Managing your particles is a unique way to relate to the world around you by helping you identify and apply clear language to the subtle dynamics creating your personal reality.

This SeminarBook teaches you to be “the artist of your life” by applying your creative genius through a practical, productive filter. The book’s design reflects the same delivery style used in hundreds of highly rated seminars and recreates the experience of attending those workshops. Kristin’s playful approach in this unique “SeminarBook” inspires readers to clarify, organize and shift their life toward their intentions by creating their own unique blueprint for life.

You Can, You Will, You Did! Will help you:

  • Simplify the process of profound personal change
  • Clarify, organize and begin to shift your life toward your INTENTIONS
  • Manage your energy to stay balanced and vibrant
  • Understand and apply the five creative principals of transformation
  • Become your next best self as you enjoy the journey

Pick up your copy and begin making the micro steps toward your OWN life masterpiece!

What people say about the book…

As a former colleague of Kristin Mackey it was a true pleasure to be part of one of her amazing
talents which has since inspired and motivated me. Upon receiving a copy of You Can, You Will, You Did! I spent a day immersing in a reading session.

Upon completion I felt renewed, refreshed, and empowered. As a career focused and minded
young professional I realized the importance of personal rebranding. Not only has the context
provided me a better insight of how valuable our personal growth and development is, but also to
ensure we put ourselves first.

Professional empowerment is equally valuable as is our personal vision and talents. It is a
constant reminder that my mission in life is to be mindful of my self-worth, self-esteem, and self direction.
Jobs, companies, exceptional co-workers, and team building come and go, yet a
personal transformation only creates a well-balanced life style with a focus on the betterment of
happiness and success.

The title You Can, You Will, You Did! speaks for itself. I wholeheartedly recommend this to
those who are either going through a personal lifestyle change, transitioning of jobs or careers, or
to those who are finally ready to showcase their hidden and unique talents.

Thank you Kristin Mackey for being a prime example of a positive image that You Can, You
Will, and You Did!

Best regards,
Barbara Indiaan

“This is a great motivational inspirational book by someone who lives her life with integrity, who deeply cares about people, and who successfully changes lives. A Must Read!” – Michael O. Schwager (5 Stars, Amazon)

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