Kristin Mackey is the type of person you just don’t come across too often. What is striking about Kristin is her willingness, even eagerness, to share what she has learned so that she can motivate those she believes in. What’s more remarkable is that Kristin has never met anyone from whom she could not find a good quality. Nothing comes out of Kristin’s mouth unless it is honest, motivating, inspiring and has a purpose. Because of this code of ethics and compassion, Kristin helped me find my purpose in life. She developed my leadership skills and polished my overall professional presentation. I went from being an assistant to working as the Program Director with a company that positively influences the lives of others. She helped me to recognize my full potential and move beyond my own personal road blocks. I encourage anyone who is presented with the opportunity to work with her, to jump on board and ride the wave because she will undoubtedly take you on a journey to reach your full potential.